Doug acts as a catalyst for training teams in need of technical know-how. A self-starter and autodidact, he is able to rapidy ramp-up on most any technical topic and then concisely explain it to others, increasing the quality of the curriculum developed, and allowing for technical content to be created beyond the norm.

Doug is a maker, a problem solver, and a strategist. Solving technical challenges is his passion. He lives in the terminal, where technical hurdles meet innovative solutions. Doug has extensive experience in software design and development, hardware and software-based networking technologies, virtualization solutions, cloud platforms, production deployments, scaling, enterprise application evaluation and deployment, open source solutions, service discovery and clustering in distributed systems, message queues, data modeling, document stores, search indexes, monitoring and logging, as well as domain experience in the insurance industry and web hosting and network services industry.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dcalobrisi
Email: doug@calobrisi.com


Languages -- NodeJS, Go, Python, Java, C, Objective-C, JavaScript, Bash, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, SQL
Cloud Providers and Services -- AWS EC2, VPC, RDS, SES, SQS, S3, Route53, GCS, Azure, DigitalOcean, Heroku
Insurance Systems -- EIS/Exigen Suite, InsPro, OIPA/Adminserver, Documaker, CSC FutureFirst, Insbridge, OpenL
Marketing -- Eloqua, Responsys, Maxymiser, BlueKai, DMPs, HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Analytics, MixPanel, SEO


Oracle 2017 - Present

Senior Technical Curriculum Developer

  • Act as subject matter expert for all technical, integration, and implementation aspects of the Oracle Marketing Cloud (OMC) products.
  • Manage and develop technical curriculum for Oracle Data Cloud, the Oracle Data Management Platform, BlueKai and Oracle Responsys.
  • Provide technical background to team of curriculum developers for product features and functionality to enable more efficient and precise curriculum across OMC products.
  • Deliver OMC product technical implementation training to partners and clients.

Capital One 2016 - 2017

Senior Software Engineer

  • Helped manage team to support the development of new greenfield systems to replace existing legacy applications.
  • Lead the architecture, design, and development of a new knowledge management system to replace six existing disparate applications throughout the Retail Banking LOB
  • Worked with stakeholders and executives to determine requirements for extending existing applications and building out new applications.
  • Worked closely with multiple vendors to orchestrate the integration and production deployment of applications into Capital One's public cloud infrastructure.

InsPro Technologies 2015 - 2016

User Experience Architect

  • Lead architecture and design of next generation core insurance platform to replace current legacy offering.
  • Architected, designed, and developed a new front end platform for next generation core insurance platform based on ReactJS
  • Designed and deployed a fully featured continuous integration and continuous delivery system based on Jenkins, Docker, and Apache Mesos and Marathon.
  • Architected and developed an integration facility to allow RESTful API requests against existing legacy CICS and SOAP-based services.

Codetini 2010 - Present


Codetini provides consulting services for web application and mobile development, as well as infrastructure design and hosting of mission-critical applications for our clients.

  • Implemented specialized software-defined networking solution for usage with OpenStack and Docker, allowing for dynamic private instance networking across multiple datacenters without private physical connections.
  • Developed applications for client-specific needs, ranging from responsive web-based applications to multi-platform native mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • Codetini's first iPhone app, Philly Traffic Cameras, an app that allowed users to view PennDOT's highway cameras, was featured in Philadelphia Magazine in August of 2010.

EIS Group 2012 - 2015

Director of Enablement

  • Quickly learned EIS Suite architecture, implementation, and deployment upon hire to act as SME to team curriculum developer, by reverse engineering the platform and extensively studying the codebase.
  • Designed and developed an in-house corporate LMS, allowing internal and external users to view training materials and product documentation in a variety of mediums; functionality included: responsive design with cross-browser support, including IE6 and all mobile platforms; video streaming; browser-based PDF viewer; documentation repository with full-text search; extensive user event analytics; and integration with various third-party systems.
  • Architected, deployed, and maintained all LMS infrastructure, utilizing Amazon AWS EC2, VPC, RDS, S3, CloudFront, SQS, SES, Route53, Elastic Transcoder, and other AWS services, and leveraging Ubuntu Linux, CoreOS, Nginx, HAProxy, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Puppet, PHP, NodeJS, and Go.
  • Marketed EIS University to internal and external audiences using email marketing, including responsive HTML templates, email tracking and analytics, and A/B testing of campaigns.
  • Utilized bespoke analytics system, Google Analytics, and MixPanel to track user events, ensure successful marketing campaigns, track user usage at multiple organizational levels, develop extensive reports, and A/B testing of user experience, design, and marketing methodologies.
  • Architected and developed custom product documentation management system, with fully indexed document text and dynamic PDF watermarking, allowing users to quickly find documentation via searching, using technologies such as NodeJS and ElasticSearch.
  • Developed custom approach for delivering student training environments utilizing CoreOS and Docker containers, in conjunction with a purpose-built VPN solution, allowing for flexible and automated deployments of secure and isolated training environments.
  • Developed reference insurance product for EIS Suite for training and documentation purposes, composed of Java-based ‘components’, including basic rating utilizing the OpenL rules engine.

Oracle 2011 - 2012

Partner Enablement Manager, Oracle Insurance

  • Delivered technical implementation and presales training for each of the flagship Oracle Insurance products, both domestically and internationally, including events simulcasted live in multiple languages.
  • Maintained strong relationships with executives throughout organizations to foster further collaboration between internal product teams and implementation partners, as well as ensured strategic goals were aligned cross-organizationally.
  • Planned, co-developed, and regularly delivered technical implementation courses for Oracle Insurance products, and associated certification exams.
  • Built relationships with regional and global service integrators leading to implementation practices and centers of excellence built around Oracle Insurance solutions.
  • Planned and developed Oracle PartnerNetwork Specializations for each of the major Oracle Insurance products, allowing partners to showcase their ability, knowledge, and implementation successes.
  • Managed a globally distributed team to advocate Oracle Insurance solutions in the partner ecosystem.

Oracle 2009 - 2011

Curriculum Developer and Trainer

  • Developed and maintained a custom web-based dynamic courseware and documentation repository.
  • Planned, deployed, and implemented Oracle Primavera P6 as the team project management solution.
  • Created and maintained full-stack development environments for all products for team use.
  • Conducted training for new trainers, employees, partners, and clients, domestically and internationally, to disparate audiences including roles varying from project managers to developers and C-level executives.
  • Co-developed technical configuration courses surrounding the implementation of Oracle Insurance Policy Administration (OIPA).
  • Authored extensive technical documentation for the implementation of OIPA, including topics such as utilizing Java extensibility and web services for integration, valuation configuration, and the installation and implementation of OIPA.


Oracle Insurance Policy Administration 9 Configuration Essentials
Oracle Documaker Standard Edition 12 Implementation Essentials


'Doug is a rare breed that falls in the intersection of technology and business, and this makes him extremely valuable to any enterprise. He is strategic and business driven but is also capable of executing at the lowest level. But what impress me most about Doug is his ability to adapt to change and continuously innovate wherever he is positioned. It is truly a pleasure to know and work with Doug.'
  -- Leo Jin, Director of Engineering - Group Benefits At EIS Group Ltd

'The bottom line is Doug knows his stuff, and if he doesn't, he will tomorrow. He is able to figure out even the most complex inexplicable code and then break it down into clear understandable terms for us common folk, and then he will go back and make it better. There is no engineer I would rather work with.'
  -- Emily Herrik - Veeva Systems